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For Films left out in the cold. To enter this festival, your film must have been turned down by all of the major film festivals.


  • FEATURE LENGTH FILMS ONLY - For our purposes feature length means 80 minuted or longer.
  • ENTRY DENIED - Only entrants which have been turned down by the established major film festivals will be welcome here.
  • TAPES WON'T BE RETURNED - Submitted tapes become the property of the Antarctic Film Festival and will not be returned. However, if you don't make it into the festival, please know the stock will go to a good cause. unselected tapes will be given to destitute video/film makers to be recycled.
  • FILM or VIDEO - We don't care - However you must be able to tell a story in a visual way. Films originating in all mediums are eligible for entry in the competition. (35 MM & 16MM film,and the following video formats,Digital Betacam, D1 and D2 broadcast video, and all forms of DV. Submission, however must be made on a VHS cassette (NTSC only)
  • LENGTH - Any is okay. However, if it's too long or boring, forget it. You won't get in here either. (Be honest with yourself.)
  • YEAR OF COMPLETION - We don't care, as long as the film was made in the 20th Century. We don't care if you made it in film school twenty years ago - If you really have been upset that your film was overlooked, give us a shot. If you know it's bad, so will we so don't bother entering.
  • VHS ONLY - Submission with application, should be made on VHS cassette (NTSC only). If you are accepted, you will be notified what type of screening print or tape will be required for projection.
  • ENTRY FEE - $50.00 (U.S.) - This fee is non refundable.
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